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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]david-buttsworth David Buttsworth – Bach of Bus

David has managed, owned and run small, medium and large businesses for over twenty five years. David attended Christ Church Grammar School and graduated from Edith Cowan University with a Bachelor of business

David has during the last 25 years, assisted companies and businesses in the following professional industries; pharmacy, medical, dental, distribution, accounting, legal, finance, printing, insurance, web design, building, cafe’s, gourmet shop, sporting goods, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, real estate, counsellors, auto mechanics and assisted a number of them to make the transition from old practices of the 20th century, to innovative ‘world best practices’ of the 21st Century.

By assisting company and business owners to realise that with just a fraction more effort, they can convert a business that is struggling into a business that is providing world class products and services and generating a profit that the business owner would only dream about!

We do this by; defining your company strategies and align your teams to achieve these goals and achieve the results that you are looking for and often have only dreamt about.

We develop the staff and subsequently the business into focused, successful, accountable, fun loving and profitable teams!

David worked with Coles Myer/Grace Bros and with a team of managers, took the Myer Booragoon Store from the 26th most successful store, to the 6th most successful of all Myer and Grace Bros stores nationally.

David was head hunted by GE Capital Finance and placed in the role of CRM in the Private Label Credit Card Division, Qld and NSW, Managing a $265M portfolio.

David was appointed State Manager at Faulding Healthcare in WA and took that business from a $ 200 Million turn over business to over $ 300 Million, in a few years.

In 2006 David head hunted by Richard Vincent General Manager Pharmacy at API to manage the New South Wales and ACT pharmacy wholesale and retail business. This is a billion dollar turn over business with over 8 branches. Utilising the skills and techniques perfected over the past decade, David was able to consolidate the business, recruit innovative and talented team members and reverse the declining market share experienced over the preceding 12 months.

From there David started up ABC Business Improvement and has worked with small to medium businesses, helping the business owners achieve individual and business goals. Weather that be working with the business owner to implement marketing and business plans or identify ways to better manage expenses, increase sales and bank the profit, David delivers assistance to the owner to address their often very challenging business bottle necks. David also assists business owners with recruiting of team members to take some of the burden off the business owner’s shoulders or just to create systems to better improve the interdepartmental function of the business, David has the answers.

David has created and runs multiple businesses, some of which have gone national and international. David practices what he preaches in business and utilises the skills that he shares with others.

Massive Results Marketing is a marketing business that is the complete opposite to nearly every marketing business, globally. Their goal is not to sell advertising space and make a commission or margin on the sale, the mission of massive results marketing is to get immediate results for our clients, which translates to leads, appointments and new customers for our clients.

We utilise World’s best practice to understand our client’s customers and translate that understanding into a compelling offer and message our clients their target market.

Our clients often tell us that the results we generate for them are the best that they have ever achieved, some in over two decades of doing business!

David has a passion for life, business, and family, his beautiful wife, four children, AFL and SCUBA diving!

A strong passion to assist you!

At Business Exit Strategy we buy, grow and sell companies and we triple the profits in about 8-12 months, maybe 18 months worst case scenario[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Some of the Global Industry Experts who’s knowledge and expertise we implement are;

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