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puzzle_small1Welcome to Business Strategy Corporate Office where corporate businesses, professional services providers, and membership organisations partner with Business Exit Strategy to become an organisation of choice.

Introducing the `Business Exit Strategy Corporate Office – Business Structure Review` service

This unique program is designed to assist high performing company owners and their organisations to:

  • understand the drivers that impact on the value of your company;
  • be committed to learning, implementing and maintaining the drivers that will determine a stellar sale price;
  • implement the strategies in the correct order and sequence for the quickest and most responsive outcomes
  • achieve the lifestyle choices that the company owner has, regardless of what they are

The team at Business Exit Strategy Corporate Office understand that experienced professionals:

  • have exceptionally busy professional lives;
  • make a significant contribution to the financial performance of the organisation;
  • experience stress associated with the many demands placed on them by the company that are difficult to manage;
  • want the control of the business but understand the need to let go and allow others to develop alongside and below them in the business; and they
  • want to feel valued and part of the longer term vision for the organisation

The Business Exit Strategy Corporate Office:

  • specialises in providing advice to Company Owners, Directors, Executives, Professionals, Partners and Family owning entities
  • provides guidance and advice based on our deep knowledge of human and corporate values and company owners’ priorities
  • partners with other professional service providers to ensure that advice is accurate, prudent and valuable
  • takes pride in its ability to understand and connect with senior people and to help them implement effective strategies to manage, grow, and maximise a companies profitability and sale price allowing the owner to choose their exit strategy.

The primary benefit of the Company Exit Strategy Review service is the ‘focus and direction’ created for the organisation to redefine their goals and priorities and allow the organisation to realise its true potential and ultimate worth.

Service Offer

The Business Exit Strategy Review is a company strategic direction consulting service that addresses 8 key areas plus any other specific topics that the business may need to address. It is a purely strategic review service designed to highlight the challenges that need addressing. The business review service can be tailored to the individual needs of the organisation, to address issues that are unique to that specific organisation and to management or staff, such as:

  • Director / Owner … what is my role in the evolution of the business process?
  • Management and supervisors …how can I better understand my role and manage my teams?
  • Team recruitment and development… how do I educate the team how to achieve more than they ever believed they could on their own?
  • Financial mastery of business performance… what financial issues do I need to address sooner rather than later?
  • Sales and Marketing … where can I get guidance to implement world’s best practice in lead, conversion, sales and repeat business techniques?
  • Systemisation – automation and systemisation are vital for the maximising of business efficiency, profitability, productivity and allowing the business to scale
  • Capital – have the business returning the required return on investment that will generate strong local, national or international buyout interest
  • Exit date – having the date set to let go of the business as a motivator and finite date for the business to be saleable with the highest possible multiple

The business review service includes long-term interactive company financial modelling to assist company owners in stress-testing whether they are on the right path to achieving their company goals. The modelling demonstrates various cash flow scinarios and sale multiples.

“Those who build great companies understand that the ultimate throttle on growth for any great company is not markets, or technology, or competition, or products. It is one thing above all others; the ability to get and keep enough of the right people.”

Jim Collins – Good to Great

At Business Exit Strategy we buy, grow and sell companies and we triple the profits in about 8-12 months, maybe 18 months worst case scenario

For proven strategies and methods to maximise the value of your business, in order for you to get you top dollar for the sale price of your life’s work,

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