There is no time better than now to start on your business exit strategy!


The sooner you start planning your business exit strategy, the more value you will create in your business, regardless of whether or not you want to sell it now or in 5 years time.

Business Exit Panning starts with two activities;

  1. Your future personal goals
  2. your business exit plan

As one door closes, the next one opens and the idea is to align these two so that there is a seamless transition.

When you align your personal goals with your business exit strategy, you’ll be able to develop a plan that you what you want to transition into for your life, through the successful exiting of your business.

You are in business to provide you with regular income to support your family and your current and retirement lifestyle…

Are you making a profit that just covers costs?

Or are you making substantial profits that are looking after you now and providing for you into your retirement?

Expect to monetise the value of your business which is the wealth you’ve built in your business – for that special pay day.

Every business creates intrinsic wealth. The sad part for many business owners is that they simply don’t know how to unlock that wealth.

Think about these questions:

  1. How much longer do you want to be actively involved in the business?
  2. Who will be your likely successor?
  3. What happens if you get sick or you have an accident? Do you have a Contingency Plan?
  4. What is the financial target you set that you will need out of your business in order to have financial independence and freedom for your next stage in life?
  5. What your business is really worth on the market?
  6. What should you be doing now to make sure your business is structured the right way, so you can gain maximum value and not give half of it back to the ATO?

Start to answer these questions, along with others – this is the starting point to developing your exit strategy. Don’t put this process off because the sooner you commence the process, the greater probability of achieving your targeted exit pay out!

Set yourself up for a successful exit!

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